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Question: What is the best base for a bottle garden?

 asked: Maybe you can help me! I searched on internet to find the suitable base for a terrarium but I found differents ideas! Can you tell me, if you know it, what is the best base for a bottle-garden?
Thanks a lot!

I’m not sure that I know what you’re referring to when you say “base”? If you’re looking for a stand for a bottle, so that it will rest on its side without rolling, unfortunately that’s not something I have a lot of experience with. I prefer terrarium containers with larger openings (mason jars, for example, which stand on their own) to increase the air flow within the container, decreasing the chance that the succulents I grow will rot out.

Apartment Therapy has a great tutorial for building your own terrarium, but another amazing resource is the staff of your local independent garden center! Call around to local nurseries and ask if they have anyone on staff who could give you advice about creating a terrarium. Any nursery with a houseplant department should be able to help you.

Happy planting!


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